Volunteer checks in on computer

Thank you very much for your interest in being a volunteer in the Beaverton School District!

With nearly 41,000 students in 53 schools, there are many ways a volunteer can help. Volunteers can help tutor or mentor a student, assist in the library or cafeteria, help with school beautification projects, judge a science fair, help coach a team and much more.

In the District-wide Volunteer Management System (, all volunteers need to first complete an application and background check to create a profile in the system. Once a profile is created, volunteers will be able to update personal information, view and sign-up for open volunteer needs, and communicate directly with the school Volunteer Coordinator.  Volunteers will be able to use this profile from their first volunteer activity to their last.

When you submit your application, you are also creating an online profile.

Note: During Comprehensive Distance Learning, no volunteers will be allowed in schools. However, people can volunteer online in virtual classrooms. Volunteers must be registered in the district volunteer-management system and have passed a background check. Any volunteer asked to facilitate learning in a Zoom breakout room must do so in the presence of a second adult. Contact your teacher to learn about volunteer needs.


Volunteer and Background Check Application

To apply, please follow these steps:

  1. You will create a unique username and password as part of the application process.  Please write down and retain your username and password for entry into the site.
  2. Please fill in all flagged (required) fields
  3. Click the "Submit Application" button - You'll know your application was successfully submitted if you are taken to confirmation screen, if you remain on the same page, you have missed a required field. On the application page, click on the information icon for more information or specific questions
  4. You will receive an approval and "next steps" email from the Beaverton School District. Once you receive that confirmation email, please visit to sign-up for volunteer opportunities. Each time a volunteer volunteers at a school they must sign in AND out through the volunteer computer in the school's front office. 

Volunteer Updates is not linked to student information and will not follow your student to a new school. Please send an email to if you would like to add or remove a school location.

For more information, please contact Johanna Shrout at 503-356-4443.